Wood Block Stamp to Cling Stamp plus Free Postage Offer

A few posts back I used a stamp “To the Moon and Back” which is a wood block stamp. I really don’t like to use them very much as I don’t get good results. So I decided to convert mine into a cling stamp instead. It was very easy to do. I took a piece of dental floss and using a seesaw motion to work the floss up under the foam and started to lift it off the block. Once I had moved it off a bit, I then used my lift off tool to continue removing the foam from the block. I worked at a slow pace and was able to remove it cleanly without any problems.
I then carefully removed the sticker from the block and placed it over the foam part of the stamp so I could identify the stamp without having to turn it over. This was a fail! It did stick, but it didn’t stick to the door of my stamping platform or an acrylic stamp block.
So I did a little research and found a product called EZMount Thin Cling Mounting Cushion.
A very easy process of peeling the backing off and sticking it down to the foam side of my stamp. I then trimmed it to the shape of the stamp. voila` a cling stamp!
To get the image, I stamped it onto the cling side of the EZMount piece using White StazOn ink (much better idea to do this before you remove the stamp from the block. I used some tape runner to adhere the stamp to my stamping platform and then had a sticky mess to clean off later!)
As a special this week, when you purchase any wood block stamp from the Hampton Art- Cam and Chloe range together with a sheet of EZMount thin, you will recieve free shipping. Use the code ezmfree25 valid until March 25th 2018.

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