Box Card Tutorials- Metric + a givaway. Part 2 Open Face Box Card

Hello everyone. We are back from our holiday and as promised here are the tutorials for the 2 box cards plus a giveaway!

I love box cards, I learned to make a Z Fold card and then thought hmmm and decided to make it  into a box card. The Open Face  Card I came across from Maymay Made It Crafts.

If you would like to win your own Card Kit to make these cards please,

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The winner will be drawn randomly and announced Tuesday 15th May


Open Box Card Instructions- Metric

For the Base:

A piece of cardstock 28cm x 21cm scored on the 28cm side at 7cm, 14cm and 21cm

and on the 21cm side score at 10.5cm

4 pieces of patterned paper 6cm x10cm inked.

1 piece of 13cm x 9.5cm patterned paper inked.

1 piece of 13cm x 9.5cm of white cardstock inked.

 Echo Park Double-Sided Paper Pad- Sweet Baby Boy 6″x6″

Echo Park – Sweet Baby Boy Card Stock Sticker Sheet

For the Panels:

3 pieces of card stock 9cm x 1.5cm scored at 1cm and 9cm

  1. Take the base piece and using your paper cutter or a craft knife cut along the score line

on the 21cm side between the 7cm score line and the 21cm score line. Fold and crease all the

score lines making sure to keep everything aligned.


  1. On the 28cm side of the base, fold in half on the14cm score line with the fold to the right.

In the bottom panel on the right side, attach your die with tape centring it between the sides

and having the die closer to the top then the bottom so the top of the panels don’t show when


  1. Flip the card stock over and add the 2 pieces of patterned paper 6cm x10cm to the 2 inside panels.

Take the 3 pieces of card stock 9cm x 1.5cm and bend the scored lines so they

bend in the same direction of each other. Add double sided tape to each tab.


  1. Adhere the first panel by placing the left end tab flush with the bottom of the patterned paper and

the left hand side of the patterned paper. Repeat this again with the remaining 2 panels, positioning

them along the bottom next to the panel that has been glued.

  1. Lay the pieces over each other keeping them flat and the end tabs are bent forward to the left.

Remove the covering to expose the adhesive tape. Fold the top section of the base down and

press the to secure the card to the panels. This then creates the ‘box’ part of the card.  At this point

do not glue the side panels together, as leaving them open will make it easier to add the stickers the

‘box’ part.

  1. Prepare the stickers to fill the ‘box’ by rubbing the powder from a powder tool over the sticky back

part or you can adhere it to paper and fussy cut.


  1. Decorate the card by adhering elements to card front and inside, and to the panel pieces inside the

box, taking care to keep all the elements within the boundary of the card’s edges

when closed.  Now you can glue the 2 side panels down and add a piece of 6cm x10cm patterned

paper to either side and embellish.


9. Decorate the front of the card with the 13cm x 9.5cm piece of patterned paper and embellish.

Add the 13cm x 9.5cm piece of white cardstock to the back for writing a message and embellish.

Ink the edges of the card.


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